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Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Events, Fashion, Fashion Show | 0 comments

10 Reasons Why Starhill Fashion Week 2015 Fantastic!

10 Reasons Why Starhill Fashion Week 2015 Fantastic!

This is the time again for Starhill organizing it’s yearly Fashion Week. Last year was great and this year double the G for Great!

Invited by IPL Skin Care Boutique, Ms. Yenti Lau the owner was also at the event. Met some long lost friend like Dr. Sharon who is now opening her own clinic in Kota Kinabalu. Happy for her.

Nai Hsing made some time to company me tonight. Last year I went with Tracy but tonight she couldn’t make it.

Why Starhill Fashion Week 2015 Fantastic and better than last year?

  • The Registration counter was fast, no fuss and very organize
  • Food was awesome, small sushi & grilled beef from Shook – Marvelous! Can’t take much was holding clutch, haha.
  • Mumm Champagne all night long
  • Cocktails and juices available too
  • Awesome Service team – no complaint
  • I get to sit and watch the FASHION SHOW!
  • Met awesome ppl, Dr Sharon & Mum, Datin Wendy & friend (from Sabah), Kak Ida and company (Kenzo team)
  • Photo Booth print photos so fast unlike last year we have to wait for almost 1 hour to get the photo ready
  • crowd just nice, don’t need to push others to make some way
  • Great sponsors, Armani/Fiori, BMIC, Swiss Centre, Fragrance Du Bois love all of them

Here some photos taken during the runway and photo booth.

Why Starhill Fashion Week 2015 Fantastic!

Nowadays it is easy to invite your guests to party/event, you either use email brochure or just Whatsapp/Telegram the invitation.Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - Nai Hsing

Nai Hsing and I waiting in line to take photo at the photo wall.

Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - Nai Hsing

Tonight Outfit is from Eclipse, Chanel Clutch, Christian Dior heels, Precious Earrings and Crown Jewel Ring from Korea.Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - Miss Tawau

Last year I did not watch the runway, I was late. This time oh yeah!

Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - Catwalk Show

Valentino Design, you can visit Valentino store in Starhill Gallery.

Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - Miss Tawau & Datin Wendy

With Datin wendy, If you remember the show “Kisah Benar” program aired in RTM channel years before, she is the producer. So nice lady, with class and humble.

Starhill Fashion Week 2015 - BMIC TeamOh this is one of my favourite thing to do in Starhill Fashion Week, Complimentary MANIcure from BMIC. They always so generous. I thought this year they dont do, but I was wrong, I saw their small booth hidden away from the crowd..hahaha. I don’t get to do my Alexander McQueen nail art, cos this year they make it simple and pretty! Thank you BMIC..muahh

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