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Posted on Apr 2, 2015 in Austria, Holiday, Roppen, Spring/Summer, Tyrol, Winter | 0 comments

10 Things To Do In Austria

10 Things To Do In Austria

I love Austria as much as I love my country Malaysia. But Austria has 4 seasons and I dont know if i like the winter or not, I like the Spring-Summer thou. Anyway, each country has its uniqueness, so does Austria. Here are the 10 Things To Do In Austria I penned down for you.

1. Try Wiener Schnitzel – I dish that I know is famous here is Wiener Schnitzel. It is a very thin, breaded and deep fried schnitzel from veal they also come with pork but original version is with veal. It best known as the specialities of Viennese cuisine. It is also the national dish of Austria, can you believe that? So my suggestion to you, when you visit Austria make sure try at least once this simple but delicious dish.

This Time for Austria

Wiener Schnitzel

2. Visit Vienna city – Vienna, the capital of Austria, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. Also the largest city and one of the nine states. When you aare here, visit this oldest Cafe in Vienna – Cafe Central.

10 Things To Do In Austria

Cafe Central


3. Watch World Class Orchestra – Mozart town! Have you not heard about The Sound Of Music movie? Go watch it, was filmed here. I myself didn’t want to miss the chance. I watched the Mozart Orchestra Concert, on the 1st of Feb 2014. 730pm at Großes Festspielhous, Salzburg.

This Time For Austria

World Class Orchestra

4. Visit Swarovski Factory The famous world chain crystal accessories in the world is located here. I have the opportunity to visit on my first day trip last year winter. Don’t miss this beautiful building.

This Time For Austria

Swarozski Factory

5. Try Bungee jumping in Pitztal – One of the must to do activity in Tyrol is Bungee Jumping. Watch me when I conquer “Pitzenklamm“ one of the most beautiful and breathtaking gorges of Europe. I can join Fear Factor now! Watch my Bungee Jump here.

6. Cycling in Austria – Cycling in Roppen, Tyrol. Fresh air and cycling route are easier with a little bit challenge. Don’t be surprised if you encounter the roman street which full with stone placing on the road looking like this photo below. They were built during the roman time. Its fascinating to see the stone still there at this century.

This Time For Austria

Roman street in Roppen

7. Join Wine On The Mountain Event – Organize every year in April by Das Central Hotel.

8. Visit Silver Factory – TBA

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