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Posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Women's Talk | 0 comments

12 Ways To Make Full Use Of Your Smart Phone

12 Ways To Make Full Use Of Your Smart Phone

Mobile Phone Addiction - Caroline Fong - Caroline Shakira

I’m a “Mobile Phone Addict” I can’t leave the phone even for a minute when I reach home! I need to go exercise! For beauty sake gosh.. very addictive.

I was being introduced to smartphone/iPhone/android way back in year 2009, since then my my mobile phone addiction never stop. I spend more than 14 hours with my phone, the rest of the time i fall to sleep or having fun with family or friends. Even sometimes, when i woke up in the middle of my sleep, i will look for my phone and check the time and later check out facebook etc. Gosh this is really bad! I know its bad but i cant help it. There were times i wish i don’t have mobile phone so that no one could reach me but i got scared thinking that if no one could find me, i’m gonna be alone!!! noo…don’t want that to happen.

Now i use my smartphone for these:

1) Time informer

2) Meeting informer

3) Notepad

4) group chat with all besties – wechat, whatsapp, facebook

5) taking food photos wherever i go – instagram

6) taking selfies, in the car and all over places – camera360 app

7) Checking out cool stuffs from Groupon, and living social

8) buying movie ticket – GSC

9) wikipedia – safari

10) games – Sims, tap zoo, angry bird, diamond dash

11) to capture song’s title – soundhound app

12) GPS – Waze app

and many more…see how can we live without smartphone?

Some parents i know, they bought smartphones for their kids and they even play good games like angry bird better than me…

I will not stop this addiction but i will try to reduce the time i spend with it.

Caroline Fong

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