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Posted on Jan 17, 2015 in Events | 0 comments

1600 Pandas In Malaysia

1600 Pandas In Malaysia

Hi, have you heard about 1600 Pandas World Tour? It is now happening in our town. Everyone is talking about 1600 Pandas In Malaysia. I didn’t know about it but when I was walking to look for my car in Publika, I saw many people lining up at the center court and taking pictures, so I go kepoh abit. Turned out, they are looking at the 1600 Pandas. My lucky day today. Here some photos I took. There are so cute. The adorable 1600 baby panda sculptures, created by French sculptor Paulo Grangeon by using recycled paper. It is a symbolic representation of the amount of pandas left in the wild. OO..only 1600 left now?



1600 PANDA IN PUBLIKA - Miss Tawau


Miss Tawau

This event is to remind us there are only 1600 Pandas left in our world. These Pandas look so cute but at the same time I feel so sad for them. I made some research why Panda is now fall under endangered species. Here what I found.

Due to the fact that pandas reproduce so infrequently, it is very difficult for their population to recover from such a low point. Giant pandas are currently classified on IUCN’s Red List as an endangered species.

One main reasons that pandas have become endangered is habitat destruction. As the population in China continues to grow, pandas’ habitat gets taken over by development, pushing them into smaller and less livable areas. Habitat destruction also leads to food shortages. Pandas feed on several varieties of bamboo that bloom at different times of the year. If one type of bamboo is destroyed by development, it can leave the pandas with nothing to eat during the time it normally blooms, increasing the risk of starvation. – Animal Fact Guide

1600 Pandas In Malaysia - Miss TawauWhat can we do to help? 

WWF had set up a Wildlife reserves in parts of China to make sure the pandas have a home, and care is taken to make sure they survive in the wild. Researchers continue to study how pandas breed in an effort to increase the population. You can help by donating or adopting a panda through the World Wildlife Fund.

I just submitted my donation and adopt a Panda in too can help. We may not be able to provide much assistance to help them, but at least show to our Pandas we care. Thank you WWF for your continuous effort and support in protecting our wildlife species.

Miss Tawau

Miss Tawau Selfie with Pandas

Miss Tawau

Dear Pandas, Loves and Hugss from Miss Tawau

FYI: The 1600 Pandas World Tour Exhibition will be in Publika Shopping Centre till 25th Jan 2015 (Sunday) from 10AM to 10PM. Admission is free. Bring your family along to witness this memorable event. Don’t forget to take pictures.

You can even adopt these 1600 Baby Pandas Sculptures and bring them home for RM150. But it’s too late now, according to the organizer’s Malaysia FB page, all 1600 pandas have successfully been adopted! Malaysian are very generous, they are not just paying for the Sculptures but they actually donate the money to WWF. Proud of my Malaysian friends.

For more info Check out 1600 Pandas In Malaysia Facebook Page –

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