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About Me

I am an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Web Designer, Shakira’s #1 fan, food lover, travel fanatic, and an Aries. I blog to share information to Net-izens, I blog almost everything from Fashion Show, Food & Beverages, Travels, what’s on where, etc.

Apart from blogging, I run a social enterprise business called CoffeeZone Malaysia. For more info please go to , thank you.

I have few dreams to achieve:

  1. To dine on the sky dining.
  2. To have apple desktop as my working space.
  3. To visit Monaco and stay there for a week. I visited once but it was only a day trip, wasn’t enough.
  4. To make CoffeeZone Malaysia the most preferred coffee shop in the world.
  5. To speak on the stage to thousands of people, just to share my knowledge and life journey to where I am now
  6. To have my own island in Malaysia or any part of the world so I could build a Resort after my Name.
  7. To own a Land Cruiser Toyota car.
  8. To build a village just for my mom’s family, and whoever doesn’t have a house to live, they can stay in the village provided they are my family.
  9. To be the role model for all the women out there.

Peace No War!
Support Good Behaviour.

Thank you all for your kind generosity by Liking my page, even though we are not close but you still show your support. God Bless you.