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Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Women's Talk | 0 comments

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Some of us may find it too personal when we talk about Brazilian or Bikini line hair removal, but put that thought aside and start being open minded to beauty and cleanliness. As a woman our whole body is like a white canvas pure and soft. It is all up to you how you want to take care of them. If you take good care of your body, it shows and if you don’t it shows too. That is why, it is very important to check on yourself once in awhile, don’t abondon it.

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Selfie At IPL Skin Care Centre

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Some Products Available To Purchase In The Centre

I normally do full hair removal once in 2 months but for Brazilian I will make sure I do it monthly. I have been a loyal customer to a beauty salon in KLCC and trusted them to make sure my hair thinner and finer after wax. Waxing is really a painful treatment especially when you do it on the Bikini area, not much pain for legs and arms thou. Waxing is painful but why do women still go for it?

In my opinion:

1)      Brazilian Waxing is cleaner than shaving, it removes dead cells

2)      Waxing gives you finer and thinner hair, while shaving gives you darker and thicker hair

3)      Waxing is safer than shaving, no sharp blade involved

4)      Waxing is less painful than laser

5)      Not many knows actually there is a treatment called IPL Hair Removal

Yes, I have all 5 reasons that I stick to Brazilian waxing eventhough I feel like punching the staff everytime they don’t do it gently. Trust me I have 10 over times feeling to do that everytime I do my Brazilian hair removal.

Long story short, when I was at IPL Skin Care to do my monthly Facial Treatment, The Lady Boss shared with me about IPL Hair Removal and how many customers were very satisfied, most important is less pain or almost painless. That triggered me to try out. I told her I surely want to do that if what she claimed were true.

I made an appointment to my favourite Aesthetician Ms. Linda and last week Friday, I have the opportunity to experience it.

My journey to 1st IPL Brazilian Hair Removal at IPL Skin Care, Starhill Gallery:

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Couple Room

Brazilian Hair Removal Review

Getting Ready For IPL

11.30am: Reached the beauty centre, greeted by their young and beautiful Aestheticians with smile. I was 30minutes early from my appointment, so I sat at the waiting lounge and they gave me some water to quench my thirst.

12.00pm: They showed me the way to my room, which I am already familiar with. I often use this room when my facial partner Tracy comes with me and we both will be placed in this room. I changed to more comfortable wear that they have prepared.

12.10pm: My Aestheticians knocked my door to ask for permission to enter the room and once I was ready, she started her job. To keep my fear away I said to her “You now see my whole body not just doing facial.” Then she replied happily by telling me how IPL will improve my skin and whoever has darker bikini line this treatment will make it smoother and whiten the area. Gosh, she is so smart! I suddenly feel okay.

12.15pm: She started by shaving the bikini line and make sure all are clean and well shaved. (This take 15minutes)

12.30pm: They covered my eyes with google and start applying IPL Cold Gel. This cold gel will protect your skin, whiten and moisterizes as well. So, the more the better!

2 minutes later, she informed me that “The IPL treatment will start now”. Without further negotiation, I sweat a little because I didn’t know what to expect. Unlike waxing, I came and expect pain. IPL started of with a little pain as if an ant bites you or something like that. After few shots, I didn’t feel anything anymore and in less than 15 minutes the treatment was over. I was shock and asked her “are you sure that’s all?” She smiled and said “Yes, all is done and what take times only the shaving part”.

12.47pm: She applied soothing lotion to end the treatment. Totally relief and happy.


What is IPL & Why is IPL  different from Laser Treatment?  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) describes the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths from 500 nm to 1200 nm, for removal of hair and other purposes. The primary difference is that laser treatment uses laser-generated coherent and monochromatic light.

How many times to do it for better result? – For darker skin you can go for 1o-15x treatment. Once a month only. After the 15th times, you should be able to see your bikini area softten like a baby skin and dark color will be gone as well.

Any chance of Causing Skin Cancer? – The answer is NO! IPL does not cause nor can it cause skin cancer. Intense Pulsed Light, is broad band light or BBL. This is a mixture of yellow, green and blue light, but there is no ultraviolet light at all in IPL. Therefore, DNA within cells is not damaged. IPL has been used in treatment for now over 20 years so it has the long test of time as well.

Made me thinking is this the treatment that all women has been waiting? I am sure this is the one. I can say that the pain was little compared to waxing. If you want to try this treatment, just head to IPL Skin Care Centre, their staff will be happy to assist.

S2 Pamper Floor, StarHill Gallery,
Phone: (+60) 03-2141-4277

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