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Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in Austria, Spring/Summer, Tyrol | 0 comments

Bungee jumping in Pitztal

I always wanted to try on Bungee Jumping but have no chance until yesterday. Without planning, my friend took me here. The “Pitzenklamm“ is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking gorges of Europe in Tyrol Austria. It is crossed by the Benni-Raich-bridge which is the starting point for bungee jumping. It’s a highlight to jump from the pedestrian bridge (94m) down into the gorge. I watched 3 other people jumps before my turn, I thought I can do it too, why not! So I registered myself and paid 85 Euro.

Different jumps available here are:

1) Single jump – What I did was a single jump

2) Repeated jump – Not sure what is this

3) Tandem jump – Means 2 person jump together if I’m not mistaken. There was a couple who jumped before me and someone told me, the girl’s head bleed a little maybe they knock each other’s head or she loses her eyebrow piercing. Not really sure but she was bleeding. Scary!

Provided you are in good health, all you need is a little courage and willpower, that’s what they say. I did not know where my courage and willpower came from. When I was standing at the edge of the bungee jumping stand, I almost gave up but after the count of 3, I just throw myself out and shout my lungs out. Scary but satisfying at the end. Here some video of my moment to share with you.

The jumping was easy but going back was the hardest part, I have to walk back up 90 metres high. So tiring! Wish they have a lift or stairs, but NO, I have to do mountain hiking yesterday. Will I do it again? Hell yeah! I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN OF COURSE!

One of the must to do activity in Tyrol is Bungee Jumping. Watch me when I conquer “Pitzenklamm“ one of the most beautiful and breathtaking gorges of Europe. I can join Fear Factor now! Watch my Bungee Jump here

Do not worry, the guy in Blue shirt will teach you what to do. He was really kind to me. He asked what’s my name and I answered politely. This is my first jump in my life, many of friends congratulates me for doing a brave job, little did they know I was scared to death 😀


1) You are not allowed to do the bungee jumping facility if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, suffer from vascular disease, eye operations, epilepsy or high blood pressure. 2) Teenagers aged 10 to 17 are only allowed to jump with the permission of their parents.

Prices for Bungee jumping:

€ 85,00 first jump (€ 65,00 for the next)

Date visit: 11th July 2015 (Saturday)

Tips: Even though you are afraid, don’t show or think so much about it. Be normal and nothing should stop you. I am no different from you and yet I made it. Best of luck to you!

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