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Posted on May 25, 2014 in Best Restaurants In KL, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

For this Restaurant Review column, I wanna share with you one of my favorite Dine-in Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. That is Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant in KLCC. Before this I didn’t take note so much of the restaurant because if I go to KLCC for dinner or lunch I only go few places like Nippon Tei Japanese Restaurant (now moved to Putrajaya), Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant & Chili’s Grill & Bar or Dome.

I came to know Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant when I first met Chef Mama Nippa at the MIGF 2013 (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) event. Lucky me, I met a wonderful Lady Chef. She was so loving. She treats people nice, talks with her pure heart, she smiles a lot, generous and I love being around her and her MIGF team. She let me try her Signature Kadok Leaves Roll and I fell in love since then. I told her I will come and visit her and Lina in KLCC.

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Chef Mama Nippa


I was in KLCC 2days ago (Friday) with my aunt Spent the whole 10 hours with her, we did shopping, lunch in Chakri Palace, tea-time at Dome, exhibition in Convention Centre, light dinner at Vienna Cafe, watched Godzilla movie too. I was in Chakri Palace restaurant 2 times this week.

1) Ambience & Service: Nicely decorated with Traditional Thai decos everywhere and you definitely know that you are in a Thai restaurant with a royal service. Eventhou we are not from the royal families to be served luxury food everyday, here in Chakri you can have that. 

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

My Sitting View

2) Head Chef: Chef Mama Nippa used to serve and cooked for the Royal Family in Thailand. So what else can I say? If not because of her, I don’t think I will come. Definitely you have to try this authentic Thai fine cuisine. Try some of her signature dish like Seabass Steamed with lime and Chili and the Kadok Leaves roll.

3) Authentic Thai Royal Cuisine: What to order here? If you unsure what to order, just look up to the Note “Chef”s recommendation”. People said, sometimes the food taste even better when you are with the right person. Right person here means, same person who love and enjoy Thai Food. If you bring someone who doesn’t familiar with Thai food, maybe will ruin your appetite a little if your company keep complaining about the spiciness or/and sourness the food gives you. My advise, bring someone who is adventurous and open to try new food. 

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Golden crab shell stuffed with minced chicken, crab meat and egg yolk

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Deep Fried Seabass With Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Kangkung Belacan

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Seabass Steamed With Lime & Chilli

My personal food recommendation for 2 person will be these items:

* Fish – Steam or deep fried Seabass. I am trying to lose some weight, so I will order the steamed Seabass for now. Both have excellent taste, combination of Thai aromatic spices with top selection of fresh fish.

* Soup – Go for Chakri Sour And Spicy Lemongrass with king Prawn Seafood & Mushroom. They have 2 type of base soup, you can choose either Clear or the Red one. I like both so I will rotate ordering it. I like the taste of the mushroom when you eat with the soup. Thai Food is famous for their Tom Yum, so it should be on your table.

* Vege – I am a huge fan of green vegetables so Kangkung Belacan or Kailan leaves With Salted Fish are my top choice. You can order both, but I know most people will order Kailan, yes nothing beats the famous Kailan with Salted Fish especially in Malaysia.

* Drinks – Coconut or Order Hot Tea like me, it’s good for your digestion after eating all the curries, tomyam etc

* Dessert – too many dessert to chose from why don’t you check it out? I like the Mango with Sticky Rice.

Add on/optional only:  

1) Golden crab shell stuffed with minced chicken,

2) Green Curry Chicken,

3) Omelette Prawn,

4) Signature Kadok Leaves or

5) Thai Fish cake.

These 5 items, not necessary to order all at one time, you can always come back.

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

Chef Mama Nippa & Me

Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant KLCC

My Aunt with Mama Nippa

When is the best time to visit? Anytime when KLCC opens for operation but during peak hour it is advisable to make your reservation to avoid disappointment. My overall experience rating is 8.3/10. I added 0.3 pts because they have a table located at the end which I like to sit and look outside the KLCC view. Okay nothing great about the view but when you are waiting for someone, it is nice to look outside to relax your eyes and mind rather than looking at your surrounding people eating their delicious food but you still waiting for someone dunno what time their coming. see my point? ‘winks’

Here I leave you with some photos I took during my visit to Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant in KLCC last week (17th, May – Saturday).

Miss Tawau’s Rating:
Food: 8.5
Service: 8.5
Overall: 8.5/10

Bring all your family and friends here if you see me next time, don’t forget to say hi. If you shy, just smile then.


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