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Posted on May 16, 2015 in Best Restaurants In KL | 0 comments

Cilantro Restaurant KL

Cilantro Restaurant KL

Visited Cilantro for my pre birthday dinner treat. The place still the same as my last visit last year, quite and romantic. Service staff are well dressed and well behaved too. I mean they don’t interrupt your dinner but they keep an eye of you from distance.

Amuse Bouche of the night Chicken Terrine Consomme Gel. Its funny when they say “Chicken Terrine”, usually is Foie Gras Terrine I did not know Chicken also can be prepared in “terrine”. Funny is back at me cos so Jakun. I slowly put the spoon in my mouth and just enjoy my Amuse Bouche. I love every bite of it.


Table Setting - Cilantro KL

Simple Table Setting

Chicken Terrine Consomme Gel - Cilantro KL

Chicken Terrine Consomme Gel

Champagne - Cilantro KL


I always love to start my meal with a glass of Champagne or good cocktails if I feel in the mood of enjoying my night. I told the staff to get me a glass and without asking what type of champagne, they came with this. 1999 Ayala Brut Vintage Champagne a bottle would be RM470. Intense flavour, with strong berry sweet smell, leaves you looking forward for the dishes to arrive.

The Famous Truffle Butter - Cilantro KL

Truffle Butter

Choices of breads served with The Famous Truffle Butter, only in Cilantro KL. Truffle smell bring the extra aroma to butter and breads. I have always been the fan of Truffle the Gourmet Gem. Kobe Beef, Foie Grass, Caviar, Tuffle, chocolate cakes and champagne are some of my favorites for dining.

Cold Angel Hair with Sea Urchin and Sweet Prawn - Cilantro KL

Cold Angel Hair with Sea Urchin and Sweet Prawn

First Cold appetizer Cold Angel Hair with Sea Urchin and Sweet Prawn RM128. Now became My favorite appetizer ever. Raw sweet ebi & sea urchin mix with perfectly prepared cold angel, oh heaven I love it. You guys must try it.

Wagyu Tartare with Egg Mollet and Toast - Cilantro KL

Wagyu Tartare with Egg Mollet and Toast

Wagyu Tartare with Egg Mollet and Toast RM108, blend the egg yolk with raw beef is my favorite thing to do. I made sure the meat covered with egg yolk. Learn How To Make Wagyu Tartare Here.

Etuvee Of Maine Lobster - Cilantro KL

Etuvee Of Maine Lobster

Fresh Garden Vegetables - Cilantro KL

Fresh Garden Vegetables

My main was Etuvee Of Maine Lobster with Fresh Garden Vegetables RM218. Its fascinating to see how my lobster filled with bubble cream. I know it is very hard to make bubble cream, so if my dish comes with it, I know Chef has put a lot of effort into this dish, I am gonna treasure it. Fresh seafood and crunchy sauteed vegetables, no compromise in the quality.

Side Note: Listening to The Best of 80’s LOVE SONGS.

French Lamb Rack - Cilantro KL

French Lamb Rack

My friend ordered French Lamb Rack with Frisee RM188, I think one of the best lamb rack my friend had. Medium cooked, pinkish color and tasted superb. Glad we enjoyed our mains.

Craamel Vanilla Mousse - Cilantro KL

Craamel Vanilla Mousse

Caramel Vanilla Mousse With Green Apple - Cilantro KL

Caramel Vanilla Mousse With Green Apple

Dessert Of The Day - Cilantro KL

Dessert Of The Day

Time for dessert I had their Dessert Of The Day Chocloate Cake with vanilla Ice Cream and berry. My friend chose Caramel Vanilla Mousse With Green Apple. All desserts are individually priced at RM48. If you love cheese, they serve it as well at RM88 for choice of 3 types of cheese and RM118 for choice of 5 types.

Petite Four - Cilantro KL

Petite Four

Last but not least, they presented this at the end of our meal Petit Four from Cilantro KL. When think about it, Nobu KL did not serve any Petite Four hmm… anyways its ok. Nobu serves Japanese-Peruvian cuisine while Cilantro is French-Japanese Cuisine. Both excellence.

Miss Tawau’s ratings:

Ambiance: 9/10 (romantic & quite)

Food & Presentation: 9/10 (Love the extra effort on bubble cream & Truffle butter)

Service: 9/10 (should put some smile then can have 10/10, but staff are professional with fast service)

Overall: 9/10 (keep up the good work)

Definitely will come again, you guys have fun.

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