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Posted on Jul 27, 2017 in Daily Journal | 0 comments

Coffeezone Malaysia Is My World!

Coffeezone Malaysia Is My World!


Waking up in the morning after Subuh Prayer, my mind sure will think of Coffeezone. 1st thing is – What’s next to do in my trello card. Either I finish my unfinished work, or I go to our booths to see hows thing going. I am not required to go to our booths but I love coming to see how the customers and the environment during my visit. So I spend time with my team, chat with them. Sometimes I offer to make/brew the coffee for our regulars.

I sometimes visit my SE friends to keep the friendship stronger. I also meet up with potential clients or reply email on their queries of our business. Everyday is a busy day and I thank god for the opportunity he has given me.

TBH, I have not met a real partner that I want to bring in to the company, so now I myself spearhead the company with the help of my awesome team. Maybe 1 day the person that I want to work with will come or  maybe I don’t need at all. I am comfortable with what I have at the moment.

Many not know that I started Coffeezone alone as an enterprise, then I agree to let someone in to be my partner as the Co-founder, but after a year, I am happy that he is no longer in the company after we agreed that I must pay him some amount of money he will leave the company, which I managed to pay him in less than 2 months. No doubt after paying him that lum-sump, Coffeezone went a little shaky in cash flow and I was worried but I was lucky my angel investor never stop believe in me so we survived that critical moment. I believe that “you are what you think you are”. I always think that I can be better than what I am now as long as I do what I need to do. I promise to bring this company to a higher level and no one can stop us building the empire of Coffeezone. Yes, everything starts from a dream.

Happy to write something tonight. I hope tomorrow I can write something else.

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