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Posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Best Restaurants In KL, Japanese Restaurant, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

Comparison Between Nobu And Chihana

Comparison Between Nobu And Chihana

A simple comparison between NOBU and Chihana Restaurants ? Both are well known in Japanese Cuisine Industry. So why not?

Date Visit:

Nobu KL – 20th Dec 2014

Chihana Restaurant – 9th July 2014

Food/Food Styling:

Nobu KL – Nobu is already widely known around the world for its Peruvian-influenced Japanese cuisine, so the dish and styling don’t really show Japanese much to me. In Malaysia we don’t have Peruvian Cuisine, so I can’t relate to it. What I understand is, Japanese-Peruvian means awesome Food to be served! How to differentiate which is which? When I see sashimi and sushi it means Japanese, when its not, its Peruvian. Something different in KL, great taste and creative.

Chihana Restaurant – Traditional Kyoto Dish, almost every dish and ingredients has a story behind it. The Chef creates his dish at the same time telling us story about it. It opens your mind to a different level of food, cook with heart and passion, food well structured and carefully prepared. You have to try and experience it. I would like to visit again.

Nobu - Tartar Toro With Caviar

Nobu – Tartar Toro With Caviar

Seabream & Tuna Sashimi

Chihana – Seabream & Tuna Sashimi

Staffing & Service:

Nobu KL: Trained very well. FYI, Staffs undergone six-week rigorous training. No wonder they are so good in explaining the dish, they even know how the taste like. They even tell you the fruits harvested in where and during when autumn, spring etc, that’s what we call 5 star service. But 1 thing I do not like about the staffing is, they are too many of them. Everywhere you can see them, I feel like someone is watching me eating and not that comfortable.

Chihana Restaurant – Staffs were also well trained, thou English is their second language but they can explain to you in a manner that you can understand them. They don’t usually like to disturb the guest, they just watch you from afar, sometimes they disappeared. I prefer Chihana for this.

Both Restaurants trained their staff well. Unlike some restaurant’s waiter – when ask how the taste like, this what the answer they give you “Oh sorry miss, I never tasted it, but its good, many customers order this”. What? Never tasted your own food, and the management dare to ask the staff to recommend and up-sell? Okay, If you don’t have budget to give your staff to taste the food, you bloody better close that damn restaurant/cafe. Let your service or kitchen staff taste the food in the menu. From there, they can roughly explain when there’s a question. It is rude to recommend a dish to guest when you can’t even reply when being ask about it.


Nobu KL: I like the view of Kuala Lumpur where I was seated. Can see how much improved and developed our country MALAYSIA is. The design was simple, I was hoping it to be extravaganza like Marble 8’s design. Simple and straight forward, nothing to brag about except the name “Nobu” and KLCC.

Chihana: Not much of scenery, we were placed in a small restaurant, look like a shop to me. Surrounded by Japanese culturistic design. That’s what Japanese restaurant should be like. They have Zen gardens outside. Btw they said, Zen gardens are designed to create a stripped-down awareness of thought. I wonder what is that mean?


Nobu KL: Reasonable price for the location and Brand name.

Chihana: For 3 Michelin Stars Restaurant, price will be slightly expensive than normal restaurant.

My personal choice and the Winner is.. Chihana Restaurant!!!! Truely Japanese and I am very proud to say that I have been to one of the greatest 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Japan.

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