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Posted on May 10, 2015 in Women's Talk | 0 comments

Do You Have Regret In Life?

Do You Have Regret In Life?

I have some free time today so I go to my favorite website – Youtube and watch some funny movies until I get bored and change to music. My mum sent me a song earlier this morning via whatsapp so I check out the song, it’s called Don’t Cry Joni” by Conway Twitty & Joni Twitty. My feeling went from funny to sad.

The event from the lyrics has never happened to me but it just make me feel sad. I cried when I think back all my past love memories.

As a woman, you only get to know men after you dated some of them. If you just had dated only once, you truly have not seen their many characters yet.

I have some regrets in the past, but we all know we can’t never turn the time around.
When I was young and naive as like you guys, I have done mistakes and even I said many times sorry to the person I still can’t erase it from my head. 1 day if I have daughter I hope she will not make the same mistakes.

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