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Posted on Jan 8, 2015 in Gift | 0 comments

Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Austrian Lilies

Flowers always a good choice for any occasion

My personal advise to those who don’t know what to buy or where to go for your special someone on their special date/occasion, please read this special post:

Status – Married with kids / without kids /more than 5 months and above courtship / dating / in a relationship / living together / not living together

Gift Ideas For Men:

Day: If he is working then just send him a nice birthday message or call his colleague to prepare a cake on behalf of you and later on you pay back money to his colleague. If husband is off or it is fall on the weekend, you can bring kids for lunch at Mc Donald or go to a family restaurant for lunch, and tell the waiter to bring a small cake or any dessert that you can put 1 candle on it and ask your kids to sing birthday song along, they gonna love it.

Night: The wife can book a nice restaurant to dine for 2 and wife has to pay for it and tell him that he is the King of the night (highly recommended Thai & Japanese cuisine), after dinner take him to watch action/thriller movie. They love those type of genre, no Disney or love story please. I am sure he will be happy spending the night with you.

Result: If your husband smile all the way from the morning until night then he deserves a special treatment in the bedroom. If you know what i mean, if you don’t know its okay, leave me a comment and i will explain further. But if your husband was grumpy and complaint all the night or didn’t appreciate all your effort, you should do this, talk nicely in the bedroom and ask why he acted that way?

Gift Ideas to buy: buy Good quality wallet  preferably leather, IT Gadget like iPad, android/smart phone, a bottle of wine that he likes or champagne, basketball tournament VIP ticket, VIP ticket to watch his football team playing, watches, Formula 1 ticket, Adidas/Nike Shirt

Paul Bocuse - Fine Dining

Paul Bocuse – Fine Dining

Gift Ideas For Women:

Day: Women are very easy to pleased. I am a woman, i know that. If she is working just buy a bouquet of flower and ask the delivery boy to send to her office with a nice card saying “Baby, Happy birthday to you and looking forward to hug and kiss you tonight”. All her friends gonna be jealous and you make her realize she is with the right man and will not leave you forever. Most important is, her day is like a new day filled with joy and happiness, even if her boss scolded her for a wrong doing, she will just smile and apologies and wait for the night to see you. Cos she ain’t care all the petty things happen, she just want her man’s hugs and kisses.

Night: If you know how to cook, please please cook her favorite dish! You wont go wrong with the European Style (3 course – 5 course), Asian style is not that romantic, don’t do that it’s such a turn off when your birthday girl see all the foods together at 1 time. She will still smile but nayy, you don’t score a thing. So my suggestion, please prepare cold & hot appetizers, salad, main course and the dessert should be a cake written this for example “Happy birthday  2014 baby/sweetheart/her name Caroline, Lots of love husband name Bill Gates”, then sing her your rendition of birthday song if you can’t sing just standby the song in your phone and play it together when you bring the cake out. She is gonna cry. If you don’t know how to cook, just do as the same thing like i mentioned for  men above, make a reservation to a place that you think she will like – when you call to make the booking always tell the staff this “Hi, i would like to make a booking for 2 on this time and date and can i make some request? This is a very special day for my wife, its her birthday and she likes to sit at a corner where not surrounded by many people, can you get us your best seat? And also if you may, can you arrange a small cake or whatever cake that you have to be delivered to our table with a candle so that i can sing her a birthday song? Don’t worry about the cost, i will pay for the cake” chances are they will give the best view seat and make sure you and your wife happy. See we women doesn’t care what cake is in front of us, but we love and enjoy seeing what our men will do for us in our special day.

Result: whatever the men has planned for their women, 85% of the time women will be happy, 15% not happy maybe becos you played too much with your phone during the dinner time or take her to the very expensive place to eat where she thinks the money should save for better stuff, but other than that women are always happy when their men made effort on their special day 😀

Gift Ideas to buy: flowers, branded bag, any jewelry, elegant or cute phone cover, gadgets, VIP concert ticket, holiday for 2 somewhere far or nearby, treadmill for running, massage chair, perfume or 1 set of her favorite make up brand.

Nobu - Tartar Toro With Caviar

Nobu – Tartar Toro With Caviar – Japanese Cuisine

In Kuala Lumpur, you can try and visit some of my personal favorite restaurants, they are:

Just click the name of the restaurant.

1) The Restaurant by The Club Saujana Resort – European Cuisine

2) Vila Danieli – Italian Restaurant

3) Arthur’s Bar & Grill – American Cuisine

4) Zipangu, Nobu, Kogetsu – Japanese Restaurant

5) Bombay Palace – Indian food

6) Koryo-won – Korean cuisines

7) Tarbush Restaurant – Middle Eastern cuisine

8)  Ti Chen & New Shanghai Legend – Chinese Restaurant with Halal Dim sum

9) Mandarin Grill, Maria Steak, Marble 8 – Steakhouse

Krabi Thailand Holiday

Krabi Thailand Holiday

Thank you all for reading…Above are just from my opinion based on my experience and my friend’s. IF you like this read let me know, if you have any questions please drop me a message i will try my best to answer them.

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