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Posted on Jan 8, 2015 in Fashion | 0 comments

How To Dress Kill With Cocktail Dresses

How To Dress Kill With Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dresses - Caroline Fong - CarolineFong

Where to wear knee-length/cocktail dresses:

How To Dress Kill With Cocktail Dresses ?

1) Office/meeting with client: Some of the dresses are suitable for work, for example on the 1st photo (above). Not necessary to just wear Baju Kurung (Malaysian Formal Attire for any government occasion/office)  or 2-piece style (long pants, skirt and blouses). Try something different once in a while, if you are too shy to show some skin, you can wear black color pantyhose and add matching jacket to cover your arms.

2) Happy Hour – after office hour, keep your jacket in the car if you wear any and head straight to your Happy Hour meeting point. You look more elegant there comparing to other woman wearing long pants with blouse, we don’t find it sexy. If Men find it sexy, then lucky for the woman. After all when we go for happy hour or drinking session with your buddy at the nearest bar, doesn’t mean that we are looking for men. We just want to spend time chatting and sharing stories that’s all. After all my advise, don’t look for future partner at the Bar, highly highly highly not recommended. No offense 😀

3) Dinner!! – Yes Dinner, be it dinner gathering or dinner with clients or dinner with your someone special, you can’t go wrong with Cocktail Dresses. Trust me, from my experience I scored flying colors all the times.

4) Job interview – Women look elegant and gorgeous in this dress but going to interview a matching jacket should be worn together, so if you want to dress to impress you can think about this idea and don’t forget to sit properly and answer your questions with smile and confident 😀

5) To meet your future parents-in-law – Nothing beat the satisfaction showed from the parents-in-law’s smile when looking at their gorgeous future daughter-in-law coming to see them in a relax and feeling confident. Not forgetting showing her best features and streamlines her body beautifully in that elegant looking dress. If you wear 2 piece, it looks like you are going to office but hello you are not. If you are wearing long dress, hmm…your future mother in law may think that you are nervous and not confident enough. From that, i am afraid you might get bullied from the sister or the mother. I am not scaring you but that is normal when the 1st time you meet his family, you might encounter this, so just be prepared, tell them i come with confident and “BRING IT ON”. Hahaha…i’m crapping here i know. No I am not, this is serious. Next time i will write about – How i met his parents-in-law. I will share you my real experience.

6) Hi-tea – when you go hi-tea, wear whatever you feel comfortable, if you want to wear jeans you can of cos. But as for me i will go for my all-in-one dress (Cocktail Dresses).

7) Hangout with the girls – Cocktail Dresses we choose whenever we go out together especially Dinner with the girls! My friends and I, we always opted for Cocktail Dresses/ knee-length dresses “MOST OF THE TIMES”. That is simply because they are not only suitable for all occasions,  we look more elegant and not too showy wearing them. Can you imagine if you go for a dinner gathering with friends and you come with long dress? Yes nothing is wrong with that, but long dresses always associated with red carpet events, formal dinners or wedding dinners. From the pictures i showed you here, knee-length or cocktail dresses will be the 1st priority for my friends and I.

I am just sharing you this not to say that i am a fashion expert, but if you understand my point, you gonna save a lot of money and those dresses can wear in so many occasion. If you are born rich then by all means please buy all the gorgeous branded long dress, long pants, blouses, jackets, jeans, shirts etc out there…and  I’m so gonna be jealous of you ;D

Here some reasons why women tend to splurge on shopping more than they should have.

As a girl/woman/lady/ it is always hard to choose what to wear the next day or to the next occasion. We afraid of being under-dress or over-dress. But I heard someone told me before that “Over-dress is better than Under-dress”. I don’t know if i should be agree with that. Sometimes i prefer to be under-dressed if i was invited to functions or event. The main reason is i don’t want people to focus on me, it is better they focus to the organizer of the event or the VIPs invited. Your choice of dresses should compliment your body don’t buy dress just because you want to spend money. Here are 3 reasons women buy dresses and they don’t wear after that and yet complaining that they have nothing to wear: (totally based on my experience)

1) Egoism – I went to a branded boutique just to browse around and didn’t have the intention to buy. When i ask the sales person how much this or that cost, he said “oh this one is expensive”, hmmm….i told myself, “You think i don’t have money to buy????? Come let me show you…” – see from this dialogue you can picture myself or maybe you already experienced this, women’s ego cannot be challenged especially if they have a little bit of money. Long story short, i went home and look at the dress thinking “sigh…why i bought it?” Moral of the story is, sales person knows how to manipulate you into buying (it’s their job). My advise, don’t go in to the branded store where no one inside, cos the moment you step in they have the pressure in their head that they must hypnotize you into buying their product, cos they only have 1 or 2 customers walked in everyday. Unless you have lots of Ka-ching to waste, be my their guest sweetheart 😀

2) Afraid to reject or to say NO / sympathy to the promoter- I WAS a shy teenage girl. This not a good quality. When i go shopping for clothes at Sungei Wang or Times Square, the sales person were all friendly and i feel like they worked too hard. They let you bring 3 clothes inside the fitting room. I was just trying the 1st dress, and suddenly the promoter shouted outside the changing room door and said “Miss, Miss, i think these dresses will look good on you, can you try them too?” I replied “Okay, thank you”. Few minutes later, again she said “Miss aaa..i think these dresses also beautiful, you sure like wan” (in Chinese accent). I replied “Okay Thank you” I have almost 10 dresses in my fitting room. Once done with the fitting, I was satisfied with only 1 dress. The moment I told her i only want to buy 1, her face changes and said “You sure you don’t these dresses? they look good on you! You want to try other dresses”. Then I paused and think, “Okay I take these 3 dresses”. I said that just to please the promoter and I was tired to get into the fitting room again.

3) Sales/promotion/bargain/cheap sales – when woman sees this, they will buy more than 1. Sometimes 1 design, they will buy few colors cos we women can’t decide which color is good. Those designers were good in choosing good color for their designs…damn those designers…hahahaha..just kidding ;D

Cocktail Dresses - Dress up games - Party in Kuala Lumpur

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” quoted from Coco Chanel. Every woman in this world should have a selection of dresses in her wardrobe for evenings out or special occasions. There is something about a dinner dress that makes a woman feel confident and sexy.

There are so many styles out there to choose from, but not every dress will suit your shape. The key to finding a cocktail dress that flatters your body is to look for one that creates an hourglass silhouette by balancing out your proportions evenly and drawing attention away from areas you wish to de-emphasize.

You want to create the illusion of perfect symmetry between your bust and hips and a nipped in waistline, even if this is not the natural shape of your body. When you look great, you feel great; and once you have found the right dress to highlight all of your best assets, no one will be able to take their eyes off of you.

Ladies and gentlemen, before I end this…a lilttle advise.. Cocktail Dresses are also suitable to buy as gift to your girlfriend/wife but… please choose the color she likes not the color you like cos at the end she is the one will be wearing it NOT YOU, better still bring her to buy 2, 3 or 4 😀

 That’s about it write 1 blog is not easy or simple. But i love doing it .

Adios Amigos 😀

Cocktail Dresses - Dress up games - Chin Li's Bachelorette Party

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