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Posted on Jul 16, 2014 in Japanese Restaurant, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

Japan Top 3 Wagyu Beef

Japan Top 3 Wagyu Beef

I just got back from my Japan Trip yesterday and what can I say, I love Japan sooo much. The food, the people, scenery you name it everything about Japan is wonderful. It is normal when you visit a country, you want to try their best delicacies. I had the chance to visit different cities like, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe & Hiroshima. Each of this place has their own famous food to try. Below photos are my pick for Japan Top 3 Wagyu Beef for you to put in your bucket list.

Here is the list of Japan’s Top 3 Wagyu Beef Must Try!

Matsusaka Beef - Osaka Japan

Matsusaka Beef – Osaka Japan

No. 1 Matsusaka Beef – Osaka

Other than Kobe or Ohmi beef, Matsusaka Beef is another meat that is famous and most looked out for by both local and tourists. Some prefer Matsusaka over Kobe, it depends on how you like them. I like all of them. Matsusaka beef best served in Yakiniku style. You can try this near to Dotonbori Street In Osaka. Look for the Initial “M” Logo- Matsusakagyu Yakiniku Restaurant.

Kobe Beef - Yazawa Restaurant, Kobe

Kobe Beef – Yazawa Restaurant, Kobe

No. 2 Kobe Beef – Kobe

When we plan to visit japan, I know that I have to visit Kobe just to try the original Kobe beef. We used to have Kobe Beef in some Restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur but after the nuclear explosion Japan has stopped exporting the beef to us. Sadly, some of the restaurant still put Kobe in the Menu and when I ask where do they get the meat from, the Foreign Waiter proudly said “it came from Australia”. What the hell is wrong with this people and their Management? How could you say that your Kobe Beef from Australia? Where’s the logic of that? Kobe beef only come from Kobe, Japan. No, we didn’t order, I ordered something else.

You can try the Real Kobe Beef, in Kobe. Yes there’s other cities who sell as well but nothing beat the feeling of eating Kobe beef in Kobe. When choosing a restaurant, please make sure to ask them if they serve only Kobe Beef? 1 place that I can assure you serving only Kobe Beef is Yazawa Restaurant. This beef I had was perfectly cooked, tender, juicy and tasted sweet as well. Must try!

OHMI Beef - Kyoto

Haneshita 80g Prime Sirloin. Juicy and wonderful chewy

No. 3 Ohmi Beef – Kyoto

Ohmi beef is another kind of wagyu beef that is famously marketed in Japan. This Ohmi beef we had in Yakiniku “ponto – Cho Teppai” in Kyoto. Yakiniku, means “grilled meat”, is a Japanese term which, its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat dishes. You have to DIY to grill the meat. Look out for Ohmi beef sign at any bar or restaurant, don’t be shy to try them. They tasted just as good as Kobe and Matsusaka.

In Malaysia you can try Yakiniku Saga Beef in Kota Damansara, Selangor. Read my other Restaurants Review here for more info.

5 Japan Restaurant Tips for you:

1. All 3 restaurants I mentioned above have English Menu, so don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese.

2. They even have servers who speaks good English, except Ohmi Beef Restaurant. The staffs are polite and they will assist immediately if you need something.

3. Look for more people sitting inside the restaurant instead of going to the empty one. If the restaurant is full means, it’s a good restaurant and otherwise.

4. Try the local beer, Plum Wine & Sake.

5. Enjoy the deliciousness of Japan Top 3 Wagyu Beef to the max.

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