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Posted on Jul 23, 2015 in Croatia, Holiday, Spring/Summer | 0 comments

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Diary Day 1 Austria – Croatia 2nd July 2015

We didn’t plan to come to Croatia until 2 days before. I like the idea as I have not been there as well. So here is the diary and the journey how we spent our holiday in Crikvenica village of Croatia. I recorded all in my iPhone notebook, so I dont forget.

At 7am we started our journey and 8.30am we stopped for breakfast at the Bagget, Mpreis Supermarket. Ordered some chocolate croissant, nutroll and coffee.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Breakfast today

12pm Supposed to lunch at Jedermann Restaurant but it’s closed until 9 July so we drove around Villach town and found this nice small cafe named Dalmacia at 12.10noon. It was a great place to eat, we really enjoyed the food.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Dalmatia Cafe

1.30pm We continued journey to Croatia

1.52pm pay 7 euro at a Tol

2.12pm passed Slovenia. Many Little mountain seen here.

3.56pm Reached Croatia check point, we need to show our passport. The chopped mine (Malaysian Passport)

4.04pm Another Tol pay euro 1.50. From this moment you can see the costal area..beautiful blue sea. I counted we passed 6 small tunnels. (29 degree at this moment)

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Crikvenica soon

Advise: bring more water from home so you can drink in the car. Your body requires more water in summer.

4.50pm reached safely to our Hotel, Kvarner Palace Hotel (built since 1985). Put our luggage and went down to the lobby.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Reach the hotel

5.10 stay at the balcony looking over the sea. Drank aperitif, prosseco and orange juice.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Hot summer today

5.30pm go to the beach 200m away, many ppl. There’s an area at the beach where Kvarner Palace Hotel guests can use the beach chairs provided by the hotel management, so you don’t need to bring your own chair or beach umbrella. Take off my shoes and go to the warm sea water.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

Crikvenica beach

6.31pm went to Kozum Market to change some Euro to Kuna money. Eventhough Croatia is a UN country but they still use their own currency ‘Kuna’

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

At Kozum

7.10pm Dinner at the lower ground floor. Serving Istrian dinner that night. Very nice food and dessert. Later we walked out to the terrace and drank some juice and wine. Talked to the Chief Service for awhile, she was very nice.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia

some of the food from the dinner buffet

10.30pm Walked back to our room to get ready for tomoro. Before we went up, we looked out at the moon at the main entrance. Took some photos of the facade.

Journey To Crikvenica Croatia


FYI: No internet in the room or at the patio. Only at the reception area.

I’m gonna sleep now. Good night

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