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Posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Repost | 0 comments

Miss Tawau Cuts Her Hair Short

Miss Tawau Cuts Her Hair Short

Oh..finally cut my beloved long hair to welcome Chinese New Year

Its a tradition to cut your hair before Chinese New Year comes, to let go all the bad luck or negativity and welcoming the new year. Same goes to me, i cut hair before Chinese new year for some reason, eg. this year i really want to clear my head and throw away all the bad chi in me. With long hair, i had some weight on my shoulder but after cut hair i feel lighter, feel more relax and i became a new person. Not only before Chinese new year, you can cut hair when you broke up with your partner/wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, by doing this you are telling yourself you are ready to move on and automatically let go your past maybe not immediately but you tried.

 With long hair, so much weight on my shoulder

1) Maintaining it so difficult,  i have to go to saloon at least 2-3x a week, (wash and blow dry)

2) when i was my hair at home, i feel so heavy, my fingers became tired to wash them. Girls dont shampoo once but we shampoo 2x plus 1x conditioner. Wash hair only will take me 25mins to make sure they are clean. So taking shower almost 1hour . Long hair not easy to maintain.


Miss Tawau Cuts Her Hair Short

1 week before i visit Europe, i decided to cut hair and believe me, i love that feeling being free and lighter. The split ends and other bad hair all gone and now my hair growing healthily. All my work becomes easy and my mind sharpened, focus and good energy pouring in.

I have 2 places i often visit for my hair treatment, A-Saloon in Fahrenheit88 mall and another one is KIV salon which is 2mins drive from my house. A-Saloon charged me RM38 and KIV salon only RM28. Sometimes when in rush, i have to pay RM78-85 just for wash and blow dry at certain saloon, crazy!! But what to do, there are the nearest salon i could find that moment.

My advise,  when you feel down try to cut your hair. But if your hair is already short, go 3-4days vacation near the beach, there you can relax.

If you ever plan to go vacay, I highly recommend these 2 resorts:Avillion Port Dickson

Romantic getaway, clean beachfront, comfortable room, good service, good restaurant and friendly staff.

1) Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson

2) Avilion Hotel, Port Dickson

Both are my favorite, you choose any you will come home happy

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