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Posted on Apr 9, 2017 in Daily Journal | 0 comments

My Gratitude 9April2017

My Gratitude 9April2017

While I perform my Isya’ prayer just now, I suddenly realized how ungrateful I am towards my surroundings.

Some of my friends lost their father and mother, I didn’t feel their loss therefore I always being calm and there was no sad feeling involve. Cos I don’t feel it. When my grandma (father side) pass away, I did not cry at all. Probably I was too young to realize all this.

My friends lost their best-friends, siblings on an accident, they feel really sad about it, and I on the other hand don’t feel anything at all but I will be there to console them.

I supposed to be grateful that I still have my family and friends around. I can’t imagine living in this world without them. I cried and ask for forgiveness to Allah S.w.t for me being insensitive. Now I am start thinking what will happen to me if one by one my friends or family will leave this world, I’m really scared and it’s going to be hard for me now I guess.

Thats all for tonight.

Good night to my readers.

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