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Posted on Jan 10, 2015 in Hobbies | 2 comments

My Music Class

My Music Class

It’s Saturday! Happy to meet my Sifu today. For those who don’t already know, I have a huge passion in Music. So I take up classes to learn some new skill, I learn acoustic guitar and vocal training. 1 hour per class. So I spend 2 hours on my Saturday in Music School.

We learn a new song for vocal today but guitar still the same song..jialat. 2 hours per week, of cos not enough for someone who works triple jobs like me. It used to be simple when I learn guitar but now it’s getting a little harder. Started guitar only last year in May. Vocal class few years now. I was not born rich like kids nowadays where they get almost all the best thing in world, expensive gadgets, go to ballet school, learn music at the very young age as early as 3 years old! We are so poor that my mum and stepfather didn’t have enough money for me to have extra class at school. I still remember when my classmates got the chance to visit my favourite teacher’s house I was sad but never complaint lucky my friends they can afford back then. Anyway, that was so long time ago. Things have changed, I work hard and earn money with my own sweat.

I am glad that I have a knowledgeable Sifu when comes to music. His name is Julian, he always explain how one should express their talent in music. I am a playful student, I think I am just wasting my time going there.  Today, he told me story behind the success of Sound Of The Music movie. I am sure all of you know or have seen this movie at least once. I am ironically, have not watch it. Thou I heard it is one of the must-watch movie. I plan to watch it tonight if I can get any free access to this movie online.

New song that we learn at my music class today is none other than the Sound Of Music song of cos. Here is the video from the movie itself, sang by Julie Andrews.

Every time I listen to it, I get goose bump! My pronunciation in the lyrics is far from good. I guess I need to practice harder.

To be honest, at this moment I have the feeling of quitting my music classes due to my work nature and the music school I went not as flexible as other school I attended before. In dilemma, cos my Sifu Julian is a nice man, I am afraid If I quit I will make him unhappy. That is my weakness! But in life I learn that, when you feel like quitting, that is the time that actually close to your success. So, I am not gonna quit! So friends, when you feel like you hated your job, hate your school and hate everything around you and want to quit..PLEASE STAY STRONG AND HAVE FAITH LIKE ME, MISS TAWAU. You don’t know what is waiting infront of you. Read this book – Think And Grow Rich, this book will give you lots of example of successful people who are never a quitter.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Tawau with her Google Glass

Miss Tawau with her Sifu Google Glass


  1. hi there. Dear miss tawau, id like to know how much is the fee for guitar lesson at the music school you attend? I have abt 2 months free for my sem break. Fast reply would me much appreciated ☺
    Thank you !

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