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Posted on Apr 4, 2015 in Dim Sum Restaurants, Intermark Hotel KL | 0 comments

New Shanghai Intermark KL

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Today, introduced New Shanghai Intermark restaurant in KL to my father. Prior to that, I asked him this ‘Pa, you have 3 choices today, 1. Dim Sum, 2. Banana Leaf indian cuisine, there is 1 very famous in Bangsar & 3. American Style breakfast, which one do you want?’ Without hesitation, he answered ‘Dim Sum!’

So I drove to Intermark, a hotel where I know served  1 authentic dim sum restaurant. I usually go to Ti Chen a Halal Dim Sum Restaurant in Subang, but not today since it is near to where my dad is staying.

Just did a renovation, so now this posh classic chinese restaurant is looking better than before. I love all the red bright color decoration motive, red chairs & sofas, red big lantern, red flower wallpaper and the food menu also in red.

Songs they play only from the shanghainese era, evergreen, oldies, you feel like you are in Shanghai. The owner Mr. Ang is really smart when comes to details and to make his quest happy. Sometimes you can even see him serving the guests just to help out during peak hours.

Here are the foods we ordered today, my dad didn’t know what he wanted, clearly New Shanghai Intermark confused his mind for all the delicious looking picture. Then I decide for him.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Guava marinated with sour plum – RM8

1. Tasty cut green Guava marinated with sour plum was served as the main appetiser instead of the usual chinese groundnuts (tidbits), my dad asked for the 2nd plate. Do they charge this? Oh yes, they do. For today case it is RM8/per plate

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Chicken Xiao Long Bao

2. Xiao Long Bao Shanghai Style 2pcs per order RM8.80 per serving, don`t forget to put ginger and vinegar on top! The spoon is hot, better wait for awhile before you start eating them.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

BBQ Chicken Bun

3. Barbeque ChickenBun Chinese style RM3.80/per piece. I like this the most, soft bun texture, delicious chicken meat and smell good too.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Chicken Siu Mai

4. Chicken Xiao Mai RM8.80/per serving. Topped with caviar and famous among the dim sum lover. Usually served with pork in traditional way, but New Shanghai Intermark KL is a pork-free restaurant.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Red Bean Paste Fancy Bun

5. I remembered I ordered the Rabbit/Bunny character but they gave me this cute looking piglet bun. How can I resist? They put generous amount of red bean paste, value for money RM3.80/per piece ya, not per serving.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Soup in Pumpkin Shell

6. Braised Lobster Soup in Pumpkin RM38/per soup. This can be shared for 2 person, but I didn’t know I ordered 2 soup. I thought it will come in a smaller portion, I wish they have told usor educate us about the portion. Taste wise was average, pumpkin aroma covered all the other spices and ingredients, I can’t tell which is which, but I recognise the lobster from the color tone.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Wrapped Beancurd

7. Sauteed vegetables wrapped with beancurd skin RM28/per serving. To be honest I am not a fan of taufu, but my dad ordered this, I have no choice. Fresh from farm Green vegetables cooked to compliment the beancurd, thick sauce make it more savoury. Really good to eat with a bowl of rice.

New Shanghai Intermark KL

Dried Seafood Casserole

8. Dried Seafood Casserole RM88/per serving (in chinese we called it Hai Wei Bao). Sea Cucumber & scallop meat texture is smooth and succlent, tastes uniquely juicy and tender, salted octopus gives extra strong flavor. I love the sweet fresh tiger prawn taste. Steamed green broccoli  which contains high nutritional value and contains more vitamins was also included in the combination.

New Shanghai Intermark KL  - Fragrant Rice

Fragrance White Rice

9. Fragrance Thai White Rice RM3.50/per bowl. Can go with any other dishes.

10. Please order chinese tea when you come to visit, it makes the experience more real. We ordered Imperial Pu’ Er tea which cost RM18/per pot.

New Shanghai Intermark KL  - Standard Chartered


Good news for Standard Chartered credit card holder. You can enjoy 15% discount on total bill here. I think I should go to this bank and apply for 1 too 😀

Have fun when you come to visit. You’ll love the ambiance and food as much as we did.

Miss Tawau’s Rating:

Food: 8/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Overall: 8.33

Please let me know how’s your experience okay öö

Call for booking here : Tel: 603 2181 2731

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