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Posted on Jan 12, 2015 in Japanese Restaurant | 1 comment

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

What’s up gourmands..?? Hope you all have been eating good and healthy.

Anyway, come let me share a Hot New restaurant in town now. Let me give you two hints:

1) This restaurant is now the most talked about in Kuala lumpur.

2) The person who is responsible for bringing this concept to Malaysia is Tan Sri Syed Yusuf, the same man responsible for establishing KL’s Hard Rock Café and Hard Rock Hotel in Penang. Tan Sri surely know how to pick a good investment!

I know you surely already have the answer, Oh yes the answer is NOBU! NOBU is now in Kuala Lumpur! yes baby..NOBU is in Kayyel!

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (19)


Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (18)

Dining area

Before Nobu comes to Kuala Lumpur, I used to dream that if one day I get the chance to visit New York, a restaurant that I die-die-must-visit is definitely NOBU. I get to know Nobu when I watched “Giuliana & Bill” Reality show on E! few years back. For those who dont know, Bill took Giuliana to Nobu in Hong Kong as a surprise for her, cos he knows Giuliana loves Nobu. From there, I planted the name in my head and I told myself I will go visit you one day! Dream do comes true. I do not need to fly far away to New York, Malibu, LA, Miami or Tokyo!

Giuliana & Bill

Giuliana & Bill – Tee Hee

Read Comparison between Nobu & Chihana here.

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (17)

Okay now let’s see what I had at NOBU Kuala Lumpur. Nobu in KL lead by the infamous Chef Philip Leong and he has been working with Nobu in Mayfair London for 9 good years. Btw, he is Malaysian too. Now is back to lead this highly sought after restaurant in town. My partner and I were both lucky, we didn’t make any reservation just try our luck and walked in. Fortunately they have a table for 2 and it was located near to the window. Situated on the 56th Floor of KLCC, what do you expect? Of course Duhh-mazing view. To avoid disappointment please make reservation.

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (16)


Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (14)

Table Setting

We started off the dinner with a bottle of Fiji Water (RM35++). Edamame (RM10) served warm and the sea salt they used..probably from a good brand. The cocktail below is Yuzu Peach Punch (RM45++/per glass) tasted sweet with little alcohol.



Yuzu Peach Punch

Yuzu Peach Punch

Now here come the badass, Tartar Toro with Caviar and Japanese fruit (RM80++). That round pink color thing is a Japanese local fruit ‘Yamamomo’. Before you eat it, make sure first you take picture of it thennn.. listen to the staff when explaining what the dish about, give a smile of understanding when done even when you don’t understand, cos they explain in a speed of Ferrari. It tasted delicious. better than beef tartar.

Tartar Toro

Tartar Toro With Caviar

3rd dish Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapeno (RM50++), the picture cacat already, I took one before I realize that I have not taken a picture yet. Oh this one..I love! A slice of jalapeno enough to tinkle your taste bud, the yellow tail fish melts helplessly at your tongue. So fresh and yummy-licios. According to the staff, we should take the yellow tail sashimi first before Tartar Toro. Its too late. But you can try it when you come.

Yellow Tail Jalapeno

Yellow Tail Jalapeno

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (10)

Kuala Lumpur Evening View

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (8)

KL Tower behind me

4th dish Tuna Salad (RM120++), You gonna love this one. Perfectly prepared tuna accompanied with fresh garden vegetables dip in Chef’s choice sauce, duhh-mazing, awesome to the max. Glad we ordered this. Felt like not enough…sigh. 5th dish Newstyle Sashimi Scallop (RM75++). If I ever go Nobu again, I will order this once more. You dont need to bite the scallop, it melts like ice-cream in your mouth. I hated to swallow it, each time I did, I regret. This taste so nice. where can I find scallop cooked like this? Only in NOBU Kuala Lumpur :(

Nobu Kuala Lumpur - MissTawau (7)

Tuna Salad – Front view

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad – Side view

New Style Sashimi Scallop

New Style Sashimi Scallop

Enough of the cold dish, now comes the hot one. 6th dish Tiger Shrimp (RM78++), it comes with 3 different sauces. I can see that Nobu uses only fresh and good quality ingredients just like The Restaurant at Saujana Club. These good food make us want to stay a bit longer, so we ordered Ongakushu Sake (RM120++/pot). We heard Nobu KL has wide range of high-end sake, they are also famous for their masterfully crafted Martinis and Signature Nobu Cocktails, Yuzu Peach Punch is one of them. Ongakushu Sake tasted smooth, not so strong in flavor, ladies will like it.

Tiger Shrimp

Tiger Shrimp

Ongakushu Sake

Ongakushu Sake

7th and the Last dish of the night, Sushi Plate! You can choose any sushi you want, then they put them altogether in 1 nice decorated plate. I don’t need to tell you more, I am sure you know the taste judging from my review above. Yes, even these sushi melts in your mouth. Fresh Sweet Ebi (RM30++/pc), the-best-of-the-best Chu Toro (RM40++/pc) and 1 set of Scallops Melts. Why they named it Scallop melts  (RM30++/set)? Funny 😀

Scallopsmelt/ Chu Toro/ Botan Ebi


Dear friends, bring your loved one here for that special occasion. If they love Japanese food, surely they gonna like NOBU Kuala Lumpur too. They are many other choices in menu, you can read them or ask the staff to recommend. With good food, friendly staff and picturesque view, I definitely will come and visit again. I wish you a fun and great food at Nobu. Don’t drink Sake and drive..dangerous!

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  1. You used infamous wrongly… unless the chef has a bad reputation..

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