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Posted on Jul 24, 2015 in Italy, Restaurant Reviews, Spring/Summer | 0 comments

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

This restaurant strategically located at the spot where tourists can see right away. They have a good host who waits outside and talks to potential customers. We saw chinese tourists asking about the menu and we thought we should check it out too. It was really hot outside, we needed a cooler place for lunch and rest.

Inside the restaurant decorated with Venetian motif which is nice, but looks very crowded and small for me. After seated I asked to connect my phone to wi-fi and quickly check the review of this restaurant from Tripadvisor, I was shocked cos most of the reviews are bad reviews, some asking to avoid this restaurant due to scam. But Renate said, it’s okay we should see how it is.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

inside the restaurant

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Decoration on the wall

Complimentary bread was served, plain white bread with bread stick. We love the bread stick more. We also ordered some cool drinks too.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Assorted Bread

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice


For quick lunch we ordered these dishes as they are famous in venice:

1) salad with salami – They told me it tasted not bad, I dont eat pork so I can’t tell. But from what I see, dry salad not much sauce on it. Pretty sure the salami was good and fresh vegetables.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Salad with salami

2) Margarita Pizza – I love this pizza and I always order this in Malaysia, so this time would like to try from Italy itself. Delicious, not bad.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice


3) Grilled Loup de Mer – also known as the European Sea Bass. It was quite a bif fish, we shared the fish for 3 person. One of the best fish we had so far from Croatia to Venice.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice


Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Fish of the day

4) Spagethi tomato sauce with seafood – a.k.a  Spagethi Frutti Di Mare in Italian. I ordered this one, they told me to order steak but I insist to eat spagethi cos I want to know how good the original taste where this dish came from. Honestly speaking, I am so not amuse with the cooking. I think the best Spagethi Frutti Di Mare can be found at Michelangelo’s Restaurant, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Spagethi with tomato sauce

This was displayed outside at the main entrance, be sure to ask for price and the weight of the fish before you agree to them. Many cases you have to pay more than 100 Euro per fish.

Restaurant La Nuova Grotta Venice

Fresh catch displayed outside

Miss Tawau’s Rating:

Food: 7.5 (only fish was good, the rest average)

Ambiance:7.5 (not so spacious and narrow, when you talk everyone could hear you)

Price: 7.5 (we paid more than 100 Euro for all)

Service Team: 8 (quite attentive and cheerful, they laugh a lot)

Overall: 7.6/10

Will I come back again? Maybe not, I really to look for good Italian restaurant which serve authentic Italian cuisine in Italy or Venice, Restaurant La Nuova Grotta definitely not one of them.

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