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Posted on May 16, 2015 in Best Restaurants In KL, Japanese Restaurant, Steak Lovers | 0 comments

Second Visit to Nobu KL

Second Visit to Nobu KL


Nobu Entrance

Beautiful Kuala Lumpur, weather just nice to look forward to another amazing experience at Nobu KL. This time Labour Day 1st May 2015 friends and I decide to come for dinner.

While waiting for friends, I ordered Champagne 95 (RM70/glass) a cocktail made from Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Grand Marnier, Peach & pineapple. Tasted delightfully awesome. Oh yes, when you come indulge yourself with Nobu’s cocktails, they’re all excellence.

Champagne 95 - Nobu KL

Champagne 95

Nobu Shochu Dragon - Nobu KL

Nobu Shochu Dragon

On our First Visit to NOBU Kuala Lumpur, we had few glasses of Yuzu Peach Punch (RM53/glass), so this time we tried something new Nobu Shochu Dragon (RM53/glass) Nobu Shochu mixed with Fresh Dragon Fruit, Elderflower & Lemon. Also tasted awesome. That pink fruit is called Yamamomo.

Nobu KL

Nobu KL

Kuala Lumpur is so beautiful at night! Look at the view. Love is in the air!

Dinner Setting - Nobu KL

Dinner Setting

Scallop New Style Sashimi - Nobu KL

Scallop New Style Sashimi

I had this before, and I love it, got to order again tonight. Scallop New Style Sashimi (RM90), tasted the same!

Chef Selection of Sushi & Sashimi - Nobu KL

Chef Selection of Sushi & Sashimi

Kogetsu - Miss Tawau

Fiji Sushi at Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant, Subang

This dish was my favorite but also the ugliest plate for sushi I’ve seen. They have amazing sushi & sashimi selection but the plate just did not complement. They can get a better one. Look at Kogetsu Restaurant’s presentation plate, simple and sleek. I feel disappointed with Nobu this time. I look at the sashimi placing shows the staff was doing a sloppy job. Anyway Chef Selection of Sushi costs us RM210 & Chef Selection of Sashimi RM233. We dont know what was coming, Chef choose for us and they combined all into one plate. Taste wise, fresh and delicious.

Tiger Shrimp Tempura with Butter Ponzu - Nobu KL

Tiger Shrimp Tempura with Butter Ponzu – 2nd visit

Tiger Shrimp

Tiger Shrimp – 1st visit

Next dish Tiger Shrimp Tempura with Butter Ponzu RM93. Eat this with Sake, very very nice. Crunchy texture, sauces mixed together give extra sweet taste to fresh tiger prawns. Different presentation from my first visit to NOBU where sauces were put in a separate plate.

Side note: Listening to Celine Dion while writing this post.

3 type of Sake - Nobu

3 types of Sake

We ordered 3 types of Sake that night just want to try them out. 1) Suntory Whisky  RM35, Onigoroshi Sake RM152, & Yukino Sake RM162. I dont remember which is which, many sake glasses on my side did not pay attention but all of them are smooth and not easy to get tipsy.

Brick Oven Chicken - Nobu KL

Brick Oven Chicken

Brick Oven Beef Tenderloin - Nobu KL

Brick Oven Beef Tenderloin

Main course we had Brick Oven Chicken with Wasabi Pepper  (RM105) & Brick Oven Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Teriyaki Sauce (RM204). I love our beef, medium done tender and juicy.

They have many choices for main, feel free to order few to sample them.

Dessert Bento Box - Nobu KL

Dessert Bento Box

All food were shared among 4 of us. Just nice not that full. So I still have space for dessert. I ordered this Dessert Bento Box (RM41), Chocolate Fondant, Sesame Tuile with Green Tea Ice Cream. The chocolate Fondant can be better with the price they charged. Green Tea Ice cream was okay.

Double Espresso

Double Espresso

Dessert with Double Espresso (RM23) anyone? That complete our Labour Day celebration Dinner 2015. If you have not been to Nobu, don’t worry, the service always has been good. They will take good care of you.  If you ask for their recommendation definitely they will recommend you to the expensive dishes/drinks, so think wisely. How I know? I/We kena already ma 😀

Before I go, below some photos taken at the lounge area.

Lounge Area - Nobu KL

Lounge Area

Giant TV - Nobu KL

Giant TV

Waiting Area - Nobu KL

Waiting Area

Me and Saigon Baby - Miss Tawau

I’m home with Saigon Baby

Miss Tawau’s Ratings:

Service: 8/10 (Very good with food knowledge BUT also very fast in clearing your plate, as if they want you to go home asap)

Food: 8.2/10 (Presentation can be improved on Sushi & Sashimi Plate)

Price: 7.8/10 KLCC Standard Price

Ambiance: 9/10

Overall: 8.25/10

Read my first visit to Nobu Kuala Lumpur.

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