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Posted on Apr 2, 2015 in Repost, Spanish Restaurant | 0 comments

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Coming to Sentidos Tapas Starhill this time was not plan, supposed to go to Vila Danieli but they were closed for Hari Raya Public holiday. I remember having beef cooked in black pepper sauce and that pumpkin soup, they tasted amazing so I thought I can have it again since we’re coming BUT….the waiter told us Chef has changed so does the menu :( crying out loud….

Reluctantly, I looked thru the menu again and still nothing satisfied me and Alex knows that he should order for us cos my mood changed to 180 degree. He ordered all these except that pumpkin soup, ya I still want pumpkin soup and hoping the taste will be the same 😀

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Assorted bread

Some restaurants served bread as complimentary but not here, you have to order ala carte. For RM28, you get to try the Chef’s selection bread. Not bad ya.

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Pumpkin Soup

Then come my pumpkin soup RM20. I like that crispy garlic bread, it tasted so much nicer when you dip into the soup. To be honest, I will enjoy the soup more if they use more pumpkin to get that thicker and strong taste, in my opinion they put a little bit more of water. Anyway, I still like it. I hope when I come next time, it will be thicker and creamier 😀

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Beef Sausage with Chickpeas

3rd dish was Chorizo & chickpeas RM34. This beef sausage absolutely delicious . Should eat all together with the chickpeas and a little bit of the broth. Suitable for 2 person as the portion is quite small (tapas style)

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Chicken Sausage

This special chicken sausage RM 28 was recommended by the new hired staff. He said, it doesn’t look like typical sausage, I finally agree after seeing this. That creamy sauce was lovely, and the special chicken sausage cooked with chili and other ingredients didn’t fail us. Should try this.

Sentidos Tapas Starhill

Australian Beef

The last dish of tonight, Australian Tenderloin beef RM78 cooked with perfection, we love how they play around with the sauce they tasted crazily nice. Cherry tomatoes and other vegetable grilled just nice, juicy and melt into your mouth. This tenderloin changed my mood and I learnt something, in the future I should not be upset if they changed the menu cos who knows maybe i like the new dish more. Thank you to Sentidos Tapas Starhill for the great evening and I wish you all success and see you again in another time.

Miss Tawau’s Rating:

Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Overall experience: 8.33/10

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