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Posted on Sep 12, 2015 in Daily Journal | 0 comments

This is me worried

This is me worried

I always thought when you believe in something, the thing will eventually become yours. I also learned before that was do not hope to much as it will crash your dream. Let me give you an example:


Example no. 1 Business – I was raised to not hoping or thinking too much about something, cos it is only our God will determine if I get it or not.

Example no. 2 Boyfriend – If you love him, let him go. If he is yours, no matter what he will come back to you.


Example no. 1 Business – According to the book of Secret, when you wish something, wish it hard and always put that in your mind, the whole universe will work out something to make your wish come true.

Why I am saying this? I was using the Current method for my dream project. I was wishing it for many months and finally when I am ready to present my proposal, three person already rejected it straight to my face. I invested my savings into hiring accountant to plan the 5 years financial projection, Interior Designer to create and bring my vision of the place – Artist Impression, doing lot’s of research etc, but they don’t believe in it. Then I started to thinking if I used the Before method, I would not been so hurt as now. Then come the new Method – called Confuse Method.Β This comes when I feel I have failed the mission. Cried for awhile but suddenly magical happened!

I come to a conclusion that, if something doesn’t work as planned, it doesn’t mean it will never work. Maybe not now, but maybe later. I will not stop looking for my future angel financier to fund my 100% successful project, I know he/she is out there just waiting for me to present this wonderful project and he/she will say YES! So I am not worried at all.



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