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Posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Beauty Pageants World | 0 comments

Tips Dos And Donts For Beauty Pageants

Tips Dos And Donts For Beauty Pageants

Tips Dos And Donts For Beauty Pageants

July 2012 FHM Issue

FHM-July2012Oh hello.. how are you guys?? Let’s talk about this topic. Why I was featured in this magazine?

I was competing with the other 11 beautiful girls to be the Malaysia FHM’s Girl Next Door 2013. The searching started in year 2011.FHM 2012 July After they choose the 12 finalists, each of us were told that we will be featured in a magazine so I was featured in July 2012.

I was working as a secretary back then when I saw the search was on-going. I told myself to give it a try. I went to the audition, saw many beautiful girls with different type of character.

I went alone so I was the quiet one I guess and I observed the other girls. I sat on a table while waiting for my turn to be interviewed and acted like I was reading a magazine.

There were 2 girls who talked so loud and thought they were somebody act like bitches ha ha ha…  I can’t stop laughing inside.

They went “I think I cannot la, but you can la” and the other one replied “no la, we both can one, you pretty I also pretty, see my new shoes blab la bla..” They can talk like no one was there.

My advice, if you go anywhere for audition, please be humble and quiet. Respect the other people around you. Even if you born that way but talking with a high volume is a no-no for girls.

Some came with their friends, some came with parents. I was like really? If you have to enroll to a school, yes maybe you can bring them but for audition?

They can wait for you outside or go have some tea at the nearby cafe. You ask them to go come along; you think it will help you? No! The only person can help you is yourself!

July 2012 FHM Caroline Fong

July 2012 FHM Caroline Fong

Come alone to the audition, meet new girls there, talk to them. If you are lucky they will share some good tips on what to expect in audition. If you are unlucky they will ignore you but don’t take this as offensive.

Welcome to the entertainment industry. People will not be nice to you all the time but if you want to be in it, done be scared! In fact your friends and family took all the seats that weren’t meant for them. There goes my experience!

Finally the called my name, I went it and did my “Not so profound catwalk” in front of the Catwalk Guru, sigh.. but I can walk okay! My catwalk definitely a killer if I want to do it.. (giggle inside) Then they asked me to sit on a chair, there were 3 interviewers by the way. Then they asked me questions about my boss, my work as a secretary, and the rest are history can’t recall.

I remembered, I make them laugh, and I was being natural answering all the questions. I was lucky because all questions were related to myself and work, all I have to do was to be honest plus add some sense of humor in my answer to make them sound interesting. I guess that’s why they liked me and I got email from the organizer after 1 month later saying that I am one of the finalists.



July 2012 FHM Caroline Fong

Woohoo…! I screamed humbly (try to do that, scream humbly), and I showed the email to my colleague Stacey and she was so happy for me then I showed to my ex-boss.

My ex-boss was a bit blurred, he doesn’t know what FHM Magazine was and the Girl Next Door thingy made him more confused. But after I explained to him, he finally got it.. ha ha ha (I miss my ex-boss).

In the email stated that I have to do a half day photo shoot with them, so my boss right there and there gave me permission to take leave. He was really supportive.

Photoshoot Day:

 Went to the studio early, make-up artist and hairstylist were there waiting for me. I love photo shoot, it is fun but tiring at the same time.

After almost 5 – 6 hours in the studio, they finally said they’ve got all they need. I even QC’ed (quality control) some photos and they look brilliant to me.

When the magazine July Issue out in the market, I quickly grab one to see what photos they put in as I prayed really hard that they gonna put nice photos. But when I see those photos, all my hope went from 100% to 30%.

I understand their taste and my taste might be different and maybe in their eyes those photos suitable for the magazine. I just have to accept and thank them for the opportunity.

My friends called and have the same thought as me but what to do I hope next time, they can see better photos because I remember we took a lot of nice photos in that 5 – 6 hours shooting.

Anyway I still love FHM. They rocks!!!

CarolineFong FHM GND

Caroline Fong FHM GND

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