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Posted on Aug 23, 2015 in Daily Journal, Women's Talk | 0 comments

What Diet Means To Me

What Diet Means To Me

What diet means to me?

I think it is ridiculous but we (women) believe that is a one way of keeping your weight as desired. At this age (secret :D) no matter how you want to diet, you still crave for Sin Food, eg Carbs, chocolates, cakes, sweets, junk food, fried food, can drinks etc..I am craving for chocolates most of the times. What is life when you have to limit yourself from eating food that makes you happy?

But there is always a consequences, if you don’t take care of your diet (food) plus no exercise there is a high chance for you to turn to the person you don’t wish to be (from size S/M to L/XL or L/XL to XXL/XXXL). I am still wearing clothes size of S & M. If one day I have to wear L, I know I have to change my diet. I think everyone knows the rule.

But why do we have this problem? Why eating so much will caused obesity/gaining so much weight? Why cant we just stay slim, young and energetic? I know I’m talking nonsense, apologies for that. I was just wondering. I exercise from home, I have my treadmill and sometimes play Badminton with friends but the bad fat in me doesn’t want to leave my body…urrgghhh.

Anyway, conclusion of what i think about Diet is, accept whatever consequences when you don’t take care of your food or less exercise. If you choose to be happy with food, I will support you. if you choose to be happy with figure that men/women cant resist, I will support too. I am in between. Cos if my body looks like Victoria Secret’s model, I wont be writing about diet here, I will be travelling back and forth to Paris for my Fashion Show. I am not into junk food so much but I still take them especially to Movie.

Let me know what do you think about Diet/Starve for food?

Diet | Miss Tawau

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