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Posted on Aug 23, 2015 in Holiday, Japan | 0 comments

What To Eat In Japan

What To Eat In Japan

Hello there, I decided to come up with the list of What to Eat In Japan for all the travelers who plan to visit this country. Based on my personal experience, I suggest you to try these foods. They all affordable and tasty. Enjoy reading!

1. Bento Set – After you reach the airport, and you plan to take the JR Line to the cities, please ask around where can you get Bento set to take-out. You can find this is all train station. Is it normal for Japanese to have Bento Set when they travel by train. But be very careful with the soya sauce packet, I was not careful enough and it all spill on my jeans. Lucky the stain washed away..if not I’ll cry! (Kansai international Airport)

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Chicken Bento Set

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Salmon Bento Set

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Becareful with Soya Sauce – look what happened to me.

2. Order from the Machine – this restaurant has no waiter to ask what you want to eat, you have to order from the machine provided. It was fun, when you don’t read Japanese and suddenly you have to order by Our 1st order went wrong, it came out something else, but the 2nd order came out right. (kyoto)

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Order food from Machine

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Curry soba

3. Sushi – you can find sushi everywhere, just enjoy them as much as you can.Β Better still, visit Endo Sushi at the Central Market in Osaka.

Maze 1 & 2

Oh Sushi

4. Okonomiyaki – I read some blogs about this food, and we searched until we get one. 3 of these too much for 2 person, especially if you’re smaller eater, so it’s better to order 1 pc per person. (Osaka)

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau


5. Yakiniku – One of my favorite Japanese cuisine. Gilled meat with charcoal fire, surely leave your holiday a good memory. (Kyoto)

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Beef Yakiniku

6. Street food – when you go to the shopping district, don’t be afaraid to try their local food/sweets/dessert. This fish baked with red bean and sweet potato. Very hot and tasty..nice! This was taken from Osaka.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Street Food

7. Breakfast In The Hotel – You must try your hotel’s restaurant Japanese Breakfast. This breakfast we had in Brighton Hotel in Kyoto. We love it so much, we had 2 days breakfast here and the other days we try the food outside.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Hotel Breakfast

8. High Tea – some shops which sell pottery, they often have small coffee bar behind their cashier counter. We found this and the place was unique. We ordered coffee and tea with some cakes. This green tea is so thick with strong flavor. I don’t advise to drink this tea with empty stomach, I tried and my stomach went nuts, I vomited few times. Other than you’ll be fine and the cake is Dorayaki, Doraemon (Japanese cartoon character) loves to eat this. Lol..

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

High Tea Japapnese style

9. Udon/soba Noodles – The most authentic soba noodles can be found here in Kyoto. This is my chicken udon noodles. How to know if the restaurant serves good udon/soba? Simple, just ask the local where to eat for “the Best udon/Soba!”. They will surely tell you. They are all very nice and friendly.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Original Soba

10. Wet Market Food – visit their wet market to see yourself how they perform fermentation process with vegetables etc. Try and sample of the food here. Warning, thou you see them put the chopstick there, it doesn’t mean you can stick the chopsticks to your mouth, just take some and put on your palm, taste them with your fingers πŸ˜€

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau


What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

11. Cheese Cake – Dessert you can find everywhere too, but this one that caught our eyes, soft baked cheese cake.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Cheese Cake

12. Miso Soup – I am sure you’ve tried Miso soup in your local Japanese restaurants, but please order 1 just to try if they taste different from your country. Cos some place they taste thicker and nicer.

What To Eat in Japan - Miss tawau

Miso Soup

13. Kaiseki – If you have some extra money, why don’t spend on Japanese Traditional cuisine prepared by the 3 Michelin Stars Chef in Kyoto. My review here Chihana restaurant.

What to eat in Japan _ Miss Tawau

10. Small little dish

14. Kobe Beef – Spare 1 or half of your day in Kobe City and try one of the famous wagyu beef in the world. My review here Top 3 Wagyu Beef In Japan.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Kobe Beef

15. Green Tea Ice Cream with Red bean paste – I think this one of the famous after meal dessert for us. I am a non-adventurous eater, so if I like 1 dessert, I just keep ordering it for many times.

Matsusaka Beef In Osaka


16. Drinking Water Vending Machine – If you’re thirsty don’t worry, You can find the vending machine everywhere. Try different kind of water offered. This Pocari Sweat tasted like 100 Plus Enery water but with less sugar compare to 100 Plus.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Energy Water

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Drinking Water

17. Plum wine – so many famous plum wine available. Tasted sweet some are VERY sweet with slight taste of alcohol.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Plum Wine

18. Japanese Beer – Famous one is Asahi Beer, another one was Sapporo and many more. If you like beer, you sure know the different.

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau

Japanese Beer & Plum Wine

19. Starbucks in Kobe – No this is not from Kobe. I wanted so much to try Starbucks in Kobe but the plan changed we spend another half day in Hiroshima. Half day in Kobe and another half in Hiroshima, so no time to visit the most-talked about Starbucks building in Kobe. Maybe next time πŸ˜€

What To Eat In Japan | Miss Tawau


Okay great, I hope you know what you want now πŸ˜€

See you again in my next post.

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