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Posted on May 25, 2016 in Holiday, Italy, World's Wonders | 0 comments

What to see at Leaning Tower Pisa, Italy?

What to see at Leaning Tower Pisa, Italy?

When I was young, my mum always talked to me about 7 Wonders in the world, one of it was this Leaning Tower in Pisa Italy. I never thought I would come and visit Leaning Tower building. Here some photos on my journey to Pisa from Austria to Italy.

What to see/do at Leaning Tower Pisa, Italy?

  1. Leaning Tower monuments (A must)
  2. 3 other building nearby some under renovation (optional)
  3. Grab some delicacy at the restaurant bar nearby, Rabbit stew is famous there (A must)
  4. Don’t miss your tour guide
  5. Check out what was written on the huge bells on top of the tower
  6. Buy some souvenir.
Pisa Italy (1)

Getting ready in the morning to Pisa

There are 3 other monuments/building beside Leaning Tower Pisa, but we are not interested to see them Our main focus was just to visit Leaning Tower. So we bought Ticket that costs Euro18 per person (RM82++). More expensive than to go into the other 3 Monuments which cost only Euro8. They really know how to make money ~cheeky smile~

Pisa Italy (5)

Took some time to do photoshoot fro CoffeeZoneMy

Pisa Italy (6)

Ticket price just in case you want more details

After we bought our tickets, the cashier told us to come back at 2.45pm to be with the tour guide. So we had lunch around that area with 1.5 hours to waste.

Pisa Italy (8)

Pisa Italy (4)

Becareful as there are people there come to you asking for money. I realized this happened in most tourist attraction even in Rome. They asking if you can speak English and when you answer “yes” they start telling you all this and at the end ask you to donate money. We cant help it, we gave some Euro and blah from the place.

Pisa Italy (9)

After checking out few places, I finally settled for Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana Restaurant(Free wifi available). We had Rabbit Stew and Margarita Pizza with Salted Fish.

Pisa Italy (11)

Pisa Italy (10)

Pisa Italy (7)

Torre Di Pisa (Tower Of Pisa)

Pisa Italy (12)

Meeting Point with Tour Guide

A lady Tour Guide gave us some brief historic explanation about Leaning Tower in English and the Do’s & Dont’s. You will have the same thing when you come here the next time. It was very quick, I cant really hear her as there were many people inside. I climbed the stairs till I reach the top, It was difficult at first but I did it. When we reached to the top, we sat for half an hour just to feel the wind and looking over Province of Pisa. Absolutely gorgeous view.

Pisa Italy (13)

Sums up what inside the tower

Pisa Italy (16)

Some say 296 stairs some say 284, I don’t recall

Pisa Italy (14)

huge bells surrounded the top of the tower

Pisa Italy (15)

When done, we walked some more to see if we can buy some souvenirs home. You will love coming here especially early of May, weather just fantastic.

Pisa Italy (17)

Pisa Italy (18)

Date: 6th May 2016

Will I come again?: Yes I will, and when it comes I’ll spend more time on the ground together with the other tourists. They camped, read books, taking photos. I love that.


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