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Posted on Jun 3, 2015 in Bordeaux, Wine Tasting France | 0 comments

Wine Tasting of Chateau Suduiraut

Wine Tasting of Chateau Suduiraut

Appellation: Sauternes
Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855 / Ranked: Premier Cru Classé (First Growth)
Current Owner: AXA Millésimes acquired Suduiraut in 1992
Type of Wine: Sweet Wine
Region: Preignac

Date visited: 2 June 2015 (Tue)

Woke up early 8am in the morning to start our journey to Chateau Suduiraut. 1 hr and 8 minutes drive from our hotel Relais De Margaux using Waze my trusted GPS.

We reached 20mins early, managed to take some photos from outside the Chateau. As what I imagined, the place will look like old fashioned castle but smaller version.

All the note and instruction written in French, but we roughly understand where visitor registration should go. I saw a door and bravely open it and met our tour guide Jessica. She speaks fluently 3 languages French, English and Spanish. Her English was great and easy to understand, thanks to her time spent in Australia she said.

Before the tour, I already know that Chateau Suduiraut carries only the best of the best Sweet Wine and they are famous among the wine lovers and in the world. Just mention sweet White, most people know Chateau Suduiraut as the Wines Of Light. Classed as a Premier Cru in 1855. The vineyard’s 92 hectares are on a sandy and gravel soil. Stones capture the heat of the sun, helping the grapes to ripen more quickly. It is this unique terroir or area that gives the wine its outstanding opulence.

Chateau Suduiraut (1)

Signboard of Chateau Suduiraut

Chateau Suduiraut (14)

Outside the castle

Chateau Suduiraut (13)

Parking space for visitors

Chateau Suduiraut (15)

Lavender bush

Chateau Suduiraut (3)

Entrance & Registration area

Chateau Suduiraut (4)

Wine tasting area

Chateau Suduiraut (12)

sweet wines from the Wines Of Light

Chateau Suduiraut (10)

Graden Area

Chateau Suduiraut (9)


Chateau Suduiraut (8)

With beautiful Jessica

Chateau Suduiraut (6)

Do you know what is the orange color thing?

Chateau Suduiraut (5)

The vineyard

Chateau Suduiraut (7)

Ageing room

Chateau Suduiraut (11)

Miss Tawau is Concentrating

Chateau Suduiraut (16)

Wish to have them all in our cellar

Chateau Suduiraut (17)

Hello beautiful

Chateau Suduirat (4)

Wine Tasting Room – Wines On Displayed

She first introduce the map and area which covers the chateau, this vineyard property is owned by AXA Insurance, almost all the Chateau in Sauternes are owned by AXA. AXA appointed a company to handle the Chateau. She mentioned how the river and sea are the important agent to keep the micro climate around the vineyard.

Then, she walked us to vineyard. I was so fascinated that the height of each of the grape tree is only like 3feet high. Reason being, they want the grape absord the mineral from the soil and gives concentration to its fruit.

She explained how the harvesting processes, fermentation of sugar to change to alcohol (3 weeks) which are placed in French Oak barrel. Then they put in barrel for ageing 1 yearr and 3 months before they sell them.

Later on she showed us the garden, some corporate companies will do their Company Retreat here for a group of 30-50. The Chateau has many outdoor activities created for the seminarists, they even have badminton court.

Lastly, we did the wine tasting.

They have 3 types of Wine Tasting you can chose from:

1. Discovering Sauternes aromas Tasting of Château Suduiraut 1999 & 2006 Rate: 12 euros per person.

2. Tasting of Château Suduiraut 1989 & 2006 Rate: 15 euros per person.

3. Château Suduiraut Masterclass: Tasting of Château Suduiraut 2006, 1999 & 1989 Rate: 20 euros per person. (We took this Masterclass)

Wine Tasting of Château Suduiraut is one of the best experienced I have. I known little about wine but after this visit, it opens my eyes that wine making is a very interesting process only agreed by wine lovers. They are so delicate and complex. This sweet wine is my favourite now, they great to be paired with cheeses, poultry and seafood too. Not only for dessert. Now you know 😀

All visit must be booked first, so dont forget to email them before you come to avoid dissapoinment. We bought 6 bottles home and looking forward to taste them when go back to Austria.

Chateau Suduirat (5)

Vintage 1989

Chateau Suduirat (3)

Vintage 1999

Chateau Suduirat (2)

Vintage 2006

Chateau Suduirat (1)

Woods Box to keep your wine purchased

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